What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oils

What is full spectrum CBD oil? Full spectrum CBD oils contains over 80 natural compounds found in the hemp plant including cannabinoids and trace amounts of THC. Regular CBD, on the other hand, only has the isolated cannabidiol or CBD. CBD Oil is the cannabinoid extract derived from industrial hemp that is pure, potent and powerful when it is harvested right and unadulterated. Meaning, you leave it alone and don’t try to force the issue by adding synthetics, fillers or additives to products. It also means that you source from natural hemp grown without fertilizers and pesticides. 

At El Gee CBD, we take the natural approach to wellness. We are growing our business organically, just like our products. We take a farm-to-table approach to the production of our CBD products. This means we never produce more than the exact amount that we can carefully control. We always want you to be confident knowing that every ingredient that goes into our CBD wellness products is the absolute best available. What we put on our labels is exactly what goes into our products. We make these CBD oil products for customers and friends we have known for years. We want the best for them and we want the best for you, our customer. That’s why we insist always on taking the path of quality. We know it is not always the quickest path but we would rather be out of stock than have inferior products on our shelves.

CBD oil capsules from El Gee CBD are a great way to benefit from Full Spectrum CBD
CBD oil capsules from El Gee CBD are a great way to benefit from Full Spectrum CBD.

CBD oils, CBD oil edibles, CBD oil creams, and CBD oil vapes are among the CBD oil infused products sweeping the nation. Unfortunately, much like the vitamin craze of decades ago, the new CBD phenomenon has many players rushing to the industry, many with the motives only to grab cash. 

What should I look for when I buy CBD oil?

With so many CBD oils to choose from, it can get overwhelming. Recently, companies have been caught putting synthetics in their CBD oils as a way to mask their low quantities of CBD and still deliver an effect. This not only is bad for this company but the CBD industry as a whole. It is our hope to fight against transgressions in the industry such as these by standing for quality. And by openly advocating that CBD, when properly harvested and extracted, is a benefit to wellness and can be used for millions of people. There exist many companies with ethical practices, maybe even similar to the high standards of El Gee Naturals CBD. These companies we salute as the demand for CBD will continue to grow as people become more aware of it benefits. However, with so much diverse  information on CBD causing confusing, it can be overwhelming for consumers to decide on the right CBD oil for their wellness program.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Another interesting fact about full spectrum CBD oil, while it does contain trace amounts of THC, unlike THC-rich medical marijuana, cannabidiol doesn’t cause psychoactive effects meaning it won’t get people high. That’s not why most people seek out CBD oils. CBD users are looking for health benefits while THC users are seeking out a high. For CBD users, it is important to maintain control while experience all the benefits that are natural to cannabis.

After all, choosing between full-spectrum CBD oils, crystal isolate, CBD oil terpenes, flavored CBD oils and CBD oil with flavonoids, CBD oil companies can overwhelm the consumer. The truth is, if they believed in the efficaciousness of the product and it if it is designed for effect, their is really very little need for so many varieties. That is why brands like El Gee CBD make it easy for you by giving you only the products that work, in the strengths that have been proven effective.

When it comes to CBD oils and CBD products, why would a consumer choose one CBD product over another? What is most important to them? For most people, it should come down to the quality of the CBD and the form they like the most to get it into their system to deliver the effects that they are looking for.

South Florida CBD oils
CBD oils absorb in the body fast to benefit your cannabinoid system.

CBD Oil and How it Absorbs in the Body

CBD oil has a higher bioavailabilty than an edible CBD product but slightly less than a CBD oil vape. CBD edibles take the longest to hit the system but can last the longest once they take effect. No matter what type of CBD or CBD oil infused product you choose, the ability of CBD to aid with any deficiencies in the endocannabinoid system is undisputed. The endocannabinoid system helps control many systems in the body from pain and inflammation, to sleep and stress triggers. The type of CBD  you choose is important as it will have a significant effect on the way it reacts in the body.

While CBD oils have a higher bioavailability than CBD edibles, the actual bioavailability varies with the CBD product’s ingredients and the individual using the product. Your BMI can effect the way your body absorbs CBD. For best absorption, it is recommended that you take your CBD oils sublingually. To take a CBD oil sublingually, simply place a full dropper under the tongue and hold for a minute befor swallowing.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oils and Cannabinoids

El Gee Naturals full-spectrum CBD oils are extracted from the hemp plant in a manner that preserves all of the other natural and beneficial compounds. It is a pure extract that has not undergone a refinement process where the CBD has been isolated. Full spectrum CBD oils create an “entourage effect,” meaning that the hemp plants compounds work in synergy provide more comprehensive full body benefits. So what extra is in full-spectrum CBD oil that is not in regular CBD Oils? There are over 80 natural cannabinoids, as well as terpenes, antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oils and Terpenes

Terpenes are oily molecules that give plants their distinct flavors and aromas. Some terpenes research has found to help with stress relief, circulation, respiration and mood. Full spectrum CBD oil also contains flavonoids— quercetin, kaempferol, catechins— which are known for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Like any natural product, CBD has had its moments in the media. CBD has recently received a wellspring of attention from the mainstream media and sparked political debate. Recently CBD experienced a judicial setback, as was the case when the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco earlier this year when it was briefly reclassified by the DEA. The Hemp Industries Association, however, challenged the DEA’s CBD classification and won. The Ninth Circuit was made to state that the Farm Bill supersedes the DEA ruling. The ruling makes hemp derived CBD oil legal for you to buy, sell and use, pretty much in all 50 states. You just need to continually check with your local laws as everything is subject to change periodically, especially in the current political climate.

CBD oils from El Gee CBD
CBD oils from El Gee CBD are made locally from industrial hemp

Full-Spectrum CBD Oils and Sourcing

It is very important to know where your hemp oil is coming from. Just like you want to know where your food is coming from. That’s why ElGee makes every product to the highest standards. We also invite our customers to come visit us to see the process and truly learn the benefits of making products that natural way. As a small company, we pride ourself in making every product perfect. We preserve the intrinsic goodness of the hemp plant to bring you its full benefits.

For more information on El Gee CBD, please visit elgeeCBD.com

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  1. Kimmy says:

    CBD has quite honestly changed my life. It is a wonderful addition to my daily routine. I have a high stress job and the use of a couple drops of CBD in the morning sets me up to tackle a challenging day. I alternate between the tincture 500mg and the capsules, for when I’m really feeling the heat. My father who has had knee surgery in the past, recently began using the CBD balm and has reported that his swelling and pain have decreased dramatically. He calls it a miracle!

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